Tully Cross Country Course 2001 - Photos

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01-StartFinish 02-PumpShed 03-FirstTurn 04-TurnToPit 05-Pit 06-PoisonIvy
07-ToadHole 08-TownOffice 09-RestRoom 10-Tennis 11-PitUphill 12-TopPit
13-ToPump 14-Uloop 15-ToESF 16-ToRt80 17-Route80 18-ToBusGar
19-ByBusGar 20-Tennis2 21-Softball 22-Cemetery 23-BackStop 24-ToFinish

The purplish-colored numbers on the map below correspond to the numbered photo-links in the table above ... the purple arrows by the numbers show the direction the camera was pointing when the photo was taken ... the purple numbers below can also be clicked with the mouse pointer to retrieve the photo ... the Start & Finish Lines on this map are the actual 2001 course lay-out (as of Aug 17, 2001) ... Note: I have updated the photo captions to include better distance estimates.