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Odds & Ends of Interest for XC 2015


August 27, 2015 ... The Upcoming 2015 XC Season (Bill Meylan)

The NY State cross country season is just about ready to  start ... Teams are getting the required number of practices, and meets will be starting this weekend (but many more next weekend) ... Others States have already  started, and I have speed rated some of the early out-of-State meets ... I will try to post more out-of-State meet speed ratings this season, but NY State will be my first priority as usual ... most out-of-State speed ratings may get posted following that weekend ... and I will focus on the top teams and individuals.

NY State Boys ... After another review, the overall Boy's team rankings still seem very close ... Not sure how this will come out at the end, but it should be interesting following the boys teams throughout the season ... I am looking forward to the individual performances because NY has some of the best individual talent of any State nationally.

NY State Girls ... I have 3 NY State teams ranked in the top 7 nationally ... MileSplit Saucony Flo50 Pre-Season Rankings have the same 3 teams ranked in their top 6 nationally ... Fayetteville-Manlius, Saratoga and Shenendehowa appear to be podium-quality teams for NXN ... Not certain how accurate the current scheduling information  is (team invitational schedules do change), but the initial "speed-ratable" invitational races for each seems to be:

... Saratoga - Springstead Invitational (Sept 11)
... Shenendehowa - Crusader Pre-State Meet (Sept 19)
... Fayetteville-Manlius - Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Invite (Sept 12)

Saratoga, Shenendehowa and Guilderland have a tri-dual meet scheduled for Sept 8th at Saratoga Park, but not sure if they will run all-out for this type of meet (the Suburban Council League has a championship meet on Oct 31).

Can the FM Girls re-load with a new high-quality runner? ... I will wait for their first meet before saying something.

Great Oak California Girls ... The MileSplit Saucony Flo50 Pre-Season Rankings have the Great Oak Girls ranked #1 nationally ... This is not surprising because Great Oak is very talented and there are legitimate questions about FM and Saratoga ... A MileSplit video by Destiny Collins gives a little insight into team dynamics (link at: http://www.milesplit.com/articles/161052-destiny-collins-day-in-the-life-great-oak-xc-training-camp) ... This team may be very hard to beat.

The current MileSplit USA rankings focus very strongly on the track ability of the Great Oak girls ... and it is exceptionally impressive ... For example, here are the 3200 meter track PRs of the top Great Oak girls ... I added converted 3000 meter times because the NY girls run 3000m (not 3200m):

    Great Oak         Gr     3200m      3000m
    Destiny Collins   12    9:53.79     9:13.5
    Kiyena Beatty     11   10:36.20     9:53.0
    Sydney Belus      11   10:42.76     9:59.2
    Skyler Bollinger  12   10:45.73    10:01.9
    Evelyn Mandel     11   10:47.85    10:03.9
    Sandra Pflughoft  10   10:48.46    10:04.4
    Desiree Stinger   12   10:48.47    10:04.4
    Emily Clause      12   10:53.91    10:09.6
New Yorkers will recognize those 3000m times as really good ... But - a number of years ago I statistically correlated track times with XC speed ratings ... I did it using only NY runners ... When tested against out-of-State runners, particularly California, the correlation did not work nearly as well as for NY runners ... A little extra research found that California runners (generally from top-to-bottom) run faster distance times in track than NY runners ... NOT sure why, but it exists with XC comparisons ... People other than myself have noticed this and asked questions.

However, those Great Oak track times are the best I have ever seen for a girls team entering an XC season ... The 2004 Saratoga Girls entered their XC season with 3000m times of 9:24.09 (Nicole Blood) with a gap to 10:01 to 10:12 for the other scorers [two of the girls (Caitlin Lane and Hannah Davidson) were 8th-graders during that outdoor track season] ... At the 2004 Footlocker Northeast qualifier, the top four Saratoga girls finished 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th - the girl who finished 2nd (Aislinn Ryan of Warwick Valley), won Footlocker Nationals ... Saratoga went on to win NXN 2004 by scoring 51 points - the team that finished 2nd with 125 points (Smoky Hill CO) had three Footlocker finalists on their team.

Great Oak's first XC invitational is the Cool Breeze Invite (Sept 5); I believe Destiny Collins is skipping this meet ... their top athletes are scheduled to run at the Woodbridge Invite (Sept 19), Bob Firman Invite Idaho (Sept 26), Clovis Invite (Oct 10) and the Mt SAC Invite (Oct 24) ... I will be speed rating all of these meets.


July 25, 2015 ... Silks and Satins 5K (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Results - http://www.albanyrunningexchange.org/results/textDisplay.php?ID=5100

Some Saratoga Girls and Boys (and other Section 2 high school runners) ran the Silks & Satins 5K road race (certified 5K) ... Selected results shown below ...

                             Silks & Satins 5K
                    July 25, 2015 - Saratoga Springs, NY
                      Timing by ARE Event Productions

PLACE NAME                AGE SEX   CITY               ST    TIME    PACE
   1  Aidan Tooker        17  M     Saratoga Springs   NY    15:09   4:53
   2  Chuck Terry         33  M     Albany             NY    15:42   5:04
   3  Ethan Carey         16  M     Queensbury         NY    15:50   5:06
   4  Aaron Lozier        26  M     Albany             NY    16:04   5:11
   5  Thomas O'Grady      30  M     Latham             NY    16:14   5:14

      BOYS High School Runners                                             High School XC 2015
PLACE NAME                AGE SEX   CITY               ST    TIME    PACE
   1  Aidan Tooker        17  M     Saratoga Springs   NY    15:09   4:53  Saratoga
   3  Ethan Carey         16  M     Queensbury         NY    15:50   5:06  Queensbury
  12  Kevin Gideon        17  M     Ballston Spa       NY    16:39   5:22  Burnt Hills
  14  Trevor Peck         17  M     Saratoga Springs   NY    16:52   5:26  Saratoga
  18  Will Howe           15  M     Ballston Spa       NY    17:05   5:30  Saratoga

      GIRLS High School Runners                                            High School XC 2015
PLACE NAME                AGE SEX   CITY               ST    TIME    PACE
  21  Julia Flower        17  F     Schenectady        NY    17:27   5:37  Schalmont
  23  Kelsey Chmiel       13  F     Greenfield Center  NY    17:41   5:42  Saratoga
  30  Peyton Engborg      14  F     Greenfield         NY    17:55   5:46  Saratoga
  34  Alexandra Delnicki  14  F     Ballston Spa       NY    18:13   5:52  Saratoga
  36  Paris Fenoff        14  F     Ballston Spa       NY    18:13   5:52  Saratoga
  39  Amelia Mahoney      16  F     Saratoga Springs   NY    18:17   5:53  Saratoga
  43  Gabrielle Robens    17  F     Saratoga Springs   NY    18:30   5:58  Saratoga
  48  Ciara Knott         14  F     Saratoga Springs   NY    18:44   6:02  Saratoga
  50  Keellyn Cummings    14  F     Wilton             NY    18:48   6:03  Saratoga
  57  Kathryn Tenney      13  F     Albany             NY    19:07   6:09  Colonie
  59  Hunter Von Ahn      14  F     Saratoga Springs   NY    19:08   6:10  Saratoga
  61  Erin Carey          17  F     Saratoga Springs   NY    19:19   6:13  Saratoga
  62  Carolyn Pellegrini  17  F     Loudonville        NY    19:19   6:13  Colonie
  65  Samantha Vetter     15  F     Greenfield Center  NY    19:21   6:14  Saratoga
  73  Kerry Flower        15  F     Schenectady        NY    19:52   6:24  Schalmont
  82  Carley Vetter       15  F     Greenfield Center  NY    20:08   6:29  Saratoga