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Visitors to the TullyRunners Web-site

by Bill Meylan (January 3, 2015)


One common question I get is "How many people actually visit TullyRunners??" ... Although I rarely look at the statistics, the sites that host TullyRunners provide excellent numbers because they specialize in small business and helping them track customer visits and sales.

TullyRunners is just a "niche" information source for high school cross country (and some track & field) ... Tully Runners was started to provide rankings, projections and evaluation of cross country based upon Speed Ratings ... and speed ratings remain the primary focus today.

As might be expected, web-site traffic is highest during cross country season with October and November having the most visits ... The table below lists the web statistics for October 2014:

 Number of Unique Visitors 40,674
 Total Number of Visits 130,567
 Number of Pages Visited 526,356
 Total Number of Hits 1,681,822
 Bandwidth Usage 30.31 GB

For the last six months, the web browsers used to visit TullyRunners:

 Safari 59.3%
 Firefox-Mozilla 14.8%
 Chrome 13.9%
 Internet Explorer 8.2%
 Other 3.8%

I was surprised the first time I saw the web browser statistics ... Most visitors are apparently using iPhones and iPads to access TullyRunners ... I do have all four of the web browsers listed above on my home and work PCs, but Internet Explorer is currently my default browser (in part, because it is required at work due to safety protocols).

Web visits drop nearly 50% or more during indoor track season ... I don't do nearly as much during indoor track (I post selected NY results that might be difficult to find in text format elsewhere ... and I update my track distance runner database with track results) ... Web visits pick up somewhat during outdoor track because I post schedules and results relevant to Section 3 (Central NY).

But looking at the web pages accessed, most visitors come to TullyRunners for cross country to see the weekly individual NY runner rankings (based on speed ratings), results (that have speed ratings) and projections (based on speed ratings) ..... and those pages are still being accessed during the track seasons.



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