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Sources for NY High School Track Results & Data

by Bill Meylan (TullyRunners ... December 30, 2010)

Here are the primary resources (web-sites) I use to collect and view NY track & field results and other track information:

ArmoryTrack - (a MileSplit affiliate) ...

 ... Web-Site: http://ny.milesplit.com/

ArmoryTrack is the top Internet source for Track & Field results from all around NY State ... Tim Fulton, Chris Hunt & the ArmoryTrack crew do an excellent job in collecting and posting all available NY results for both track and cross country in one central location ... and providing on-site coverage for many major meets ... some results available only in pdf file format are are not posted.

In addition to results, ArmoryTrack has many other great resources such as statistics, calendars, rankings, videos, photos, and team information ... ArmoryTrack maintains a very good database of track & fields results that can retrieve results for individual athletes ... I typically use this ArmoryTrack feature by first going to the Team List web-page  http://ny.milesplit.com/teams), then selecting the team of interest, and then selecting the individual athlete ... database results for that athlete are then displayed (Note - for this feature, ArmoryTrack current requires a login account that is free).

TullyRunners has been maintaining a track database for individuals (mostly selected distance results for cross country runners) ... This is a time-consuming process ... Much of same data is available from ArmoryTrack (especially for runners outside of Section 3) ... Depending on time, TullyRunners may continue updating its track database at a reduced rate ... The ArmoryTrack database includes all track & field events.


ESPN-Rise ...

 ... Web-Site: http://rise.espn.go.com/track-and-xc/index.aspx

ESPN-Rise (Track & XC Section) adsorbed DyeStat ... ESPN-Rise covers Track & XC on a national basis and includes selected results from NY State ... ESPN-Rise had a NY-Metro Region coverage section, but at this time (Dec 26, 2010), that coverage section is no longer available ... ESPN-Rise has available statistics for individual NY athletes, but not as good as ArmoryTrack.


Results from Timing Companies:

LeoneTiming & Results - http://www.leonetiming.com/ ... Section 3, NY State Meet and other
Just-in-Time Racing - http://www.just-in-time-racing.com/ ... Section 11, CHSAA, some Nassua County and other
YenTiming Services - http://www.yentiming.com/ ... mostly Section 5 (usually posted at http://www.sectionvtrack.com/)
FinishRight Timing - http://www.finishright.com/ ... selected Section 2 results and other

Results (and other info) for specific Sections:

Section 1 ... For Leaderboards (Girls NY State Leaderboards) and Section 1 records (and various XC bests) by Dan Doherty: http://www.section1trackxc.com/
Section 1 ... XC & Track Info (by Perry King): http://section1-nys-running.com/index.html
Section 2 ... http://www.section2harrier.com/ ...
Section 4 ... most indoor results posted on TullyRunners (sent by the meet directors) ... Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin newspaper (some results in Sports section): http://www.pressconnects.com/
Section 5 ... http://www.sectionvtrack.com/
Section 6 ... http://www.section6runs.com/
Section 7 ... Plattsburgh Press-Republican newspaper (some results in Sports section): http://pressrepublican.com/
Section 8 ... Indoor Track 2010-2011: http://www.trackconference.com/athletics/docs/sec8/Winter1011/Results.htm ... Main web-site:    http://www.trackconference.com/athletics/index.cfm?1
Section 9 ... Indoor Track: http://www.sectionixathletics.org/sectionixindoortrack.html  ... OCIAA Main web-site: http://ociaa.ouboces.org/
Section 10 ... most indoor results posted on TullyRunners ... North Country Sports Net: http://www.northcountrysports.net/ ... Plattsburgh Press-Republican newspaper (some results in Sports section): http://pressrepublican.com/
CHSAA ... http://www.chsaatrack.org/
PSAL ... http://www.psal.org/

Forums (Message Boards):

Track Talk Forum ... http://www.tracktalk.net/ ... a fair number of posters from the old DyeStat Forum are now posting on TrackTalk ... I have posted some messages on this source.
ESPN-Rise Forum ... http://rise.espn.go.com/community/forums/Track-And-XC-Forums.aspx?pursuit=TrackAndXC ... the "successor" to the old DyeStat Forum, but "success" is clearly the wrong word to use ... a change in forum format basically doomed the old DyeStat Forum (one of the best high school track & field and XC resources ever) to relatively limited use (many posters abandoned the ESPN-Rise Forum) ... I have posted some messages (infrequently) in the the High School Elite section of the forum ... Occasionally Watchout (the ESPN-Rise XC ranker for the the Team Fab 50) posts on the ESPN-Rise forum, as do a few others, but the forum has been relatively dormant.
Letsrun Forum ... High School Forum at: http://www.letsrun.com/forum/forum.php?board=1&category=high_school ... Main web-page at: http://www.letsrun.com/ ... I rarely look at the Letsrun Forum and never post on it.
Syracuse.com Forum ... http://www.syracuse.com/forums/hstrack/ .... mostly Section 3 stuff, but relatively inactive for the most part.
NY (ArmoryTrack - MileSplit) Forum ... http://ny.milesplit.com/discussion/local ...