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NYSPHSAA Indoor Track & Field Championships 2017

(March 4, 2017 ... Ocean Breeze Track & Field Complex, Staten Island)


 ... Meet Info ... Order of Events ... Qualifying Standards for 3rd Competitor

 ... Link to Information on the NYSPHSAA web-site: http://www.nysphsaa.org/Sports/Track-Field-Indoor

MARCH 4, 2017


The New York State Public High School Athletic Association Boys’ and Girls’ Winter Track and Field Championships and the New York State Federation Winter Track and Field Championships will be held on Saturday, March 4th at the Ocean Breeze Track & Field Complex, Staten Island, New York.


The track is elite level hydraulically banked tracks that can b e converted from eight to six lanes and can incline 4.5 feet. We will use the 8 lane sprint hurdle straightaway while the lapped races will be run on the six lane banked track. We will use the 2 Long/Triple jump runways, there are 2 Weight/ Shot Put cages, 2 High Jumps, and 2 Pole Vault runways. Only ¼” pyramid spikes are permitted on the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex.


Each section is allowed TWO (2) entries per individual event, with a possible third entry if the individual has placed third in their state-qualifying meet and has met the qualifying standards. Refer to the qualifying standards for information regarding the third entry. Each section is allowed ONE relay for each of the three relays. The boys and girls Intersectional Relay will be composed of your third place finishers in the 300, 600, 1000, and 1500/1600 meter races, unless those individuals have met the qualifying standards. Those athletes must then compete in the individual event, and then the fourth place finisher competes in the relay. A section may list up to two alternates for the intersectional medley relay, provided that that individual is not competing in the individual 300, 600, 1000, or 1500/1600m runs.

Your third place entry in each individual event must have met the qualifying standard in his/her state qualifying meet or in meets designated by the Sectional Coordinator, and must have placed third in the state qualifying meet in order to qualify for the State Meet.

Schedule (from the NYSPHSAA web & sectional packets) ...

Friday, March 3
... 11:00am – Boys and Girls Seeding Meeting at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Facility
 ... 3:00pm to 7:00pm – Practice Session for athletes and coaches only.
 ........ Shirts, hats, and other meet souvenirs will be available at that time.

Saturday, March 4
Championship Schedule
 ... 7:30am - Officials Arrive
 ... 7:45am - Athletes Arrive
 ... 8:45am - Opening Ceremonies
 ... 9:00am - Shot, Triple Jump, Boys Pole Vault Start
 ... 9:15am - Running Events Start
 ... 5:00pm - Meet Ends


NYSPHSAA Medals for places 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.
Federation Medals for places 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, 7th, 8th.
There will be two award ceremonies – the first will be for the NYSPHSAA medal winners, the second will be for the New York State Federation award winners. It is possible that an athlete may win a NYSPHSAA medal and a New York State Federation medal. NYSPHSAA medals will be for NYSPHSAA member schools only, Federation medals will go to the top eight overall finishers.

TICKET PRICES (according to the NYSPHSAA web)

Ticket prices for the Winter Track State Championship meet is $9.00 ... Purchasing tickets online PRIOR to the NYSPHSAA Indoor Track and Field Championships is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this year (according to the NYSPHSAA) ... On-Line Ticket info at: http://www.nysphsaa.org/Sports/Track-Field-Indoor


For the NYSPHSAA member schools, each section will choose a boy and girl who is competing at the meet as a winner of the Good Sport Award Shirt. Names of the winning individuals must be given to the State Coordinator either at the Friday meeting, or by 8:15 a.m. on Saturday, so that these athletes (who should be carrying their sectional banner) can be recognized by the announcer.


Bring your own starting blocks.



 NYSPHSAA - NY FEDERATION  Winter Track & Field State Championships
             March 4, 2017 - Ocean Breeze T&F Complex (Staten Island)

The 2017 NYSPHSAA Indoor Track and Field Championships moves the 
Ocean Breeze Track and Field Facility on Saturday, March 4. This 
will be a combined meet this year, with Boys and Girls events 
going on at the same time. 

     (Girls first, followed by Boys unless noted)

Track Events
  55m Hurdles – Semi’s
  55 m Dash – Semi’s
  Girls 3000m Run
  4 x 400m Relay – Semi’s
  4 x 200m Relay – Semi’s
  Boys 3200m Runs
  55m Hurdles – Finals – Boys, then Girls
  55m Dash – Finals
  1000m Run
  Girls 1500m Race Walk
  300m Dash – Semi’s
  Girls 1500m Run
  Boys 1600m Run
  Intersectional Medley Relay (1000,200,600,1600)
  300m Finals
  4 x 800m Relay
  4 x 400m Relay
  4 x 200m Relay

Field Events
  Boys and Girls Shot Put, Boys and Girls Triple Jump, Boys’ Pole Vault
  Boys and Girls Weight Throw will follow the Shot
  Boys and Girls Long Jump will follow the Triple Jump
  Boys and Girls High Jumps will start after the 55m Dash Finals.
  Girls Pole Vault will follow the 55m Dash Finals
 NYSPHSAA / NYS Federation Qualifying Standards for the 3rd Competitor
  GIRLS Standards

                       FAT-Time     Hand-Time
                       =========    ===========
   55m Hurdles            8.74         ( 8.5 )
   55m Dash               7.44         ( 7.2 )
   300m Dash             41.94        ( 41.7 ) 
   600m Run            1:38.74      ( 1:38.5 )
   1000m Run           3:02.24      ( 3:02.0 )
   1500m Run           4:49.54      ( 4:49.3 )
   3000m Run          10:21.14      (10:20.9 )
   1500m Race Walk     7:28.24      ( 7.28.0 )
   Long Jump             17-02
   Triple Jump           36-01
   Shot Put              37-07
   Weight Throw          40-00
   High Jump              5-03
   Pole Vault            10-00 

  BOYS Standards

                       FAT-Time     Hand-Time
                       =========    ===========
   55m Hurdles            7.94         ( 7.7 )
   55m Dash               6.74         ( 6.5 )
   300m Dash             36.74        ( 36.5 )
   600m Run            1:24.74      ( 1:24.5 )
   1000m Run           2:35.24      ( 2:35.0 )
   1600m Run           4:28.74      ( 4:28.5 )
   3200m Run           9:42.24      ( 9:42.0 )
   Long Jump             21-06
   Triple Jump           43-06
   Shot Put              52-00
   Weight Throw          50-00
   High Jump              6-04
   Pole Vault            13-00