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Partial Results/Photos  - Newark Spring Break-Out
 ... April 13, 2004 (Newark High School, Section 5)

Weather ...  38-42 deg, light breeze ... very little rain through nearly the first half of the meet, then steady light rain gradually increasing to heavier burst of strong rain (definitely affecting various events).

Almost no results were available for posting purposes at the time I left ...

Results available on the Section V Outdoor Track & Field Page


Girls 4x800 Relay ... first event of the meet ... Penfield anchor runner Katie Elliot (split of 2:25.7) was all by herself during her leg ... Penfield's winning time was 10:08.5


Girls 3000 Meter Run ... Kelly Murray (Whitesboro) led for most of the race and won handily (winning time 11:20.92) - Kelly passed the 1500m mid-point in 5:28 ... she returned later to also win the 1500 Meter Run (5:15.3)


Girls 400 Meter Run ... very close finish ... Katie Elliot (Penfield, center wins, 61.69) with Jessie Springer (Letchw'th, right, 2nd, 61.70) and Lauren Paffendorf (Webster, 3rd, 61.80)


Girls 100 Meter Dash ... at the finish ... Tiffany Aaron (Wilson, 13.17) wins


Boys 3200 Meter Run ... winner Teddy Quinn (Rush-Henrietta, 9:56.6) ... Quinn started out conservatively and trailed the leader (Noel Bateman) at the 1600m mark by nearly 8 seconds (lead-time was 4:56.8) ... Quinn finished strongly over the final 800 meters (2:24.8) Boys 3200 Meter Run ... early in the race ... Noel Bateman (Aquinas, 2nd, 10:02.44) and Brandon Morseman (Addison, 4th, 10:42.96) ... Mike Brindak (Solvay) was 3rd (10:24.13)


Boys 110 Meter High Hurdles ... winning hurdler from Fairport, Colin Nash (15.51)