Section 3 Cross-Country Championships 2016

Chittenango H.S. – November 5, 2016



**Important Information:

-There is a $10.00 per car fee for parking.

-Bus drop-off will be at the parking lot adjacent to the starting line

-Coaches information and numbers will be available at the finish line area.

-Section 3 T-shirts will be on sale by Fleet Feet. No pre-orders or post-orders.




Federation rules govern cross-country in New York State. Refer to the National Federation Track and Field Rules Handbook. Three Section 3 officials will be on site.

*Limit 10 runners per school per race.


Race Times: (Please pay attention to the new start times)

10:00   Girls Class B               1:40     Girls Class A

10:40   Girls Class C               2:20     Boys Class D

11:20   Boys Class B              2:50     Boys Class A

11:50   Boys Class C             

1:00     Girls Class D 

**There is a break from 12:20 to 1:00 to allow a smooth transition for parking.                 



-Certificates and Patches for the top 10 boys and girls on the winning team along with each girl and boy who qualifies for the state meet.

-T-shirts by Fleet Feet to the top 10 team members and top 5 individuals that qualify for the state championships.

**Sectional Championship Banners can be obtained through the Section 3 Office.

**Cross-Country will have 2 Class Champions if there are 16 or more teams competing within the class. The dividing lines will be determined by enrollment and complete teams that are entered on the day of sectionals.

**The All-CNY Selection process is as follows: (New for 2016)

-2 Teams selected for All-CNY, a small school team and a large school team.

-The teams will continue to be taken from the merged results from the Section 3 Championships.

-The Small school team will be made up of the top ten athletes from Class C and Class D.

-The Large school team will be made up of the top ten athletes from Class A and Class B.



**There will be a charge of $10.00 per car at the Section 3 Cross-Country Championships.  



State Meet Advancement Information:

Any athlete and team that qualifies for States must report to the Coordinator’s Area immediately following the awards presentation. Important contact information needs to be collected for state qualifiers and coaches. The Coordinator’s area is going to be located next to the finish line/starting line. No codes of conduct are needed in 2016.


Hotel rooms for the State Meet can be obtained through the Section 3 Office. Call Dawn Field at the Section 3 Office to make reservations.


Comfort Inn

1000 Upper Front St.

Binghamton, NY 13905

Room Rate- $105.00 Single

                    $119.95  Double


State Meet Parking: $10.00 per car. Buses parked on site and cars will parked off-site and passengers will be shuttled.



Federation Meet Selection:

All coaches that would like their team to be given the opportunity to compete at Federations need to notify a Section 3 cross-country chairperson by Wednesday, November 9th.  Teams should submit a resume to the section 3 chairpersons. Dan Reid and Michelle Rauber represent the Section 3 Girls and Greg Broton and Jack Bernard represent the Section 3 Boys. Special note: The merged team results from the section 3 championships are very important in the team selection.



Questions or Concerns:

Contact Michelle Rauber School (696-6213) email

             Jack Bernard       Cell (335-2874) email

 Dan Reid           School (315-345-6545)email

 Greg Broton        Cell (657-4514)   email