Indoor Track 2011-2012


I was asked post the following message concerning the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College  ...


"For Indoor Track meets held at OCC, busses should drop off athletes at the back of the Arena. Athletes will enter the doors at the north end of the building closest to the turf stadium. Busses should park behind the arena, allowing for spectators to park and enter through the front of the building. A bus loop is located right behind the arena. All spectators will be allowed to watch the meet from the upper observation deck. NO spectators on the competition level. The venue has plenty of spectator space available, however no seating will be available. Any spectators that need to sit are encouraged to bring portable folding chairs. Please check the Section III Indoor Track webpage for updates. Below is a link to the site. Thanks."


NOTE ... the link above includes the Indoor Track Schedule and packets.


The following link has a video showing parts of the Arena, track and observation deck.