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 PHOTOS - Barton Hall, Cornell University
 ....... (photos taken Jan 2006) 


Some info from the Cornell University Athletic web-site (and other sources) ...The Barton Hall track facility contains a flat 200 meter track with eight 42-inch lanes (it is one of the few indoor 200-meter tracks in the country with eight such lanes) ... The track is a Recaflex track, meaning the base layer of the track is constructed with SBR rubber and polyurethane binders and surface is a coating of EPDM rubber and polyurethane (e.g. Recaflex's multi-layers of polyurethane are mixtures of polyurethane & rubber granules) ... The track itself has a raised aluminum curb and a common finish line (the entire surface was replaced in early 2001).

Barton Hall contains a throwing cage with a cement circle and crusher dust landing sector surrounded by a 25-foot high chain link fence ... The interior of the track has a Recaflex runway for the pole vault, two long and triple jump pits and multiple high jump areas.

The permanent seating capacity is reported as 4800 ... however, that probably include a section of roll-out bleachers (similar to high school gyms) located near first-turn that is not totally usable for track meets.


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 Looking down the Finishing Stretch  
 Looking down the Back Stretch  
 Looking at the Turn entering the Back Stretch & Back Stretch Seating  
 View of far side jumping pit ... View of seating areas  
 Looking Up the Finishing Stretch