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The Groton boys cross country team finished the IAC season with a solid performance today at the IAC Cross Country Championships. All of the boys ran quite well. Mike Competillo, Robert Stoughton, and Andrew Robinson continue to step it up to have spectacular improvements week after week however. Stoughton was in the scoring top 5 for the first time this year. Robinson continues to run closer and closer to Hebdon and Competillo. This is happening while Competillo continues to run faster and faster, week after week.

I knew that the team would place somewhere in the top 6. I knew that the 2nd through 6th would be seperated by only just a few points each. Although we didn't beat the teams ahead of us, we were much closer to Waverly, Southern Springs, and Trumansburg than we've been all year. The only Class D team that we have to consider in the IAC is Thomas Edison and we've beaten them the last two weeks in a row. This will undoubtedly pump the boys up for the Section IV Championships next Thursday.

Heidi Chamberlain ran a good race with a time of 26:32.1, but I think that she'll shine a bit more next Thursday.

                  Marathon Invitational     IAC's at Marathon 
  Kern                 18:07.0                   18:57.4 
  Competillo           19:26.1                   19:28.9 
  Hebdon               19:40.2                   19:41.7 
  Robinson             19:52.2                   19:56.5 
  Stout                21:03.7                   21:01.4 
  Stoughton            21:27.2                   20:58.7 
  Bush                 22:16.9                    DNR 


Oct 20, 2007 (after the Marathon Invitational)

.... by Groton Coach Scott Weeks

Top 7 Breakdown

Groton stepped it up to today to defeat Section 4, Class D rivals Elmira Heights and Delhi. We've trailed Elmira Heights all year, but today our boys were tough on a course that is familiar to them. We'll see Elmira again next week, and although they'll likely have one or two guys back in the mix that are currently injured, I do believe that the Groton boys are fired up enough to chase a solid finish at the IAC championships and to win a sectional championship the following week. Our training is coming together and everyone is healthy. That, along with their confidence, will make us a tough team to beat at the Section 4, Cross Country Championships.

Mikhail Kern has worked hard all year and has seen solid improvements throughout the season. He's yet to make the solid breakthrough that I know he's capable of though. Jonah Hebdon and Mike Competillo have recently started working together for a solid 2-3 punch, and I think that a little more experience working together in races will only draw them closer to Kern. Andrew Robinson has been a real deal story this season. He's improved by over 2 minutes on most courses over last year. It's simple, he's figured out how to be a runner and I wouldn't be surprised to see him right with Hebdon and Competillo in the next couple of races. Stephen Stout, our only senior, has rounded out our top 5 for the past few weeks and he's only getting better. Our pack times (1-5) have dropped from close to 4 minutes to near 2 minutes. Stout is a tough overall athlete and it's nice knowing that we'll be able to rely on him when it really counts. Robert Stoughton, only a sophomore, has finished within 20-30 seconds of Stout, and given that that sectional title will likely be won by a close margin, we're excited to have such a strong tie breaking 6-man. Gage Bush, our only Freshman, rounds out the Varsity top 7. I think that we've yet to see what he's capable of. He's shown me that he's intimidated by noone and with a little more experience in this sport, he'll be a cross country 'household' name.

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