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1999 Sectional Class A Girls Team Results:
 (1) FM - 33
 (2) CNS - 106
 (3) Liverpool - 124
 (4) West Genesee - 135
 (5) Proctor - 158
 (6) Oswego - 174
 (7) Central Square - 187
 (8) Baldwinsville - 191
 (9) Auburn - 220
 (10) Rome - 237
 (11) Corcoran - 249
 (12) Nottingham - 320
 (13) ESM - 369
 (14) Whitesboro - 396

I'm just an interested Class A spectator, but I'm certain about one thing ... as a group (from top to bottom) the coaching above is as good as anywhere in New York State!

How do I rank these teams for the upcoming season?? ... Well ... I think it's prudent to simply rank them in the order they finished above ... until we see some results for this year. I expect some surprises ... I just don't know what the surprises will be. At the beginning of last year's season, I had no idea that Laurel Burdick was such a great runner ... maybe I wasn't paying attention or maybe I just don't know enough about Class A (In 1998, Laurel finished 15th at States in Lake Placid and 14th at Federations). Will another runner emerge to challenge Laurel this year?? I think one or more Class A runners will "blossom" into the "elite" group ... Will it be a modified runner moving up or a veteran from last year?

This could be a very competitive year in Class A with several teams challenging for top honors ... that's why I'm interested. It will take a team effort (runners #1 through #5) to determine the final champion. With so many good teams, the outcome of duel meets may be a poor predictor for predicting the sectional champion. Below are some brief thoughts about various teams ... (Note: when I mention returning runners from last year, I am simply looking at results from sectionals, etc ... some of these runners may no longer be running for that school ... I have not talked to the coaches).

Pre-Season 2000 Analysis

FM I believe a champion remains a champion until somebody proves otherwise ... therefore, FM is #1. They lost some great talent to graduation (Andrea Aris, Lindsay McGann, Julie Olsen, and Karen Hannum) ... so, some observers might think this is a rebuilding year. I don't think so ... any team that starts with the state champion (Laurel Burdick) and an outstanding senior (Greer Mahoney) is not really rebuilding. Coach Bill Aris has a great running program ... I'm certain three new runners (at least) will emerge to bolster the FM team score.
CNS CNS loses last year's best runner (Lindsay McClintock) to graduation. However, they are returning the next seven runners (Laura Ewald, Nicole Zablotny, Jennifer Elderbroom, Nakida Robinson, Trisha Tibbitts, Van Tran, and Beth Quartier). With some help from their modified team or improvement among varsity runners, CNS is a real contender.
Liverpool Liverpool loses Heather Staub to graduation, but they return a solid core of runners (Laura Burchill, Jen Mills, Danielle Scalione, Mary Ferguson, and Kristin Taormina). Freshman Laura Burchill is one candidate to join the "elite" group of Section 3 runners. Liverpool may be FM's most serious contender.

Coach George Ball is not only an excellent coach, he's a tireless worker ... I thank him for his incredible efforts in hosting the State Track Meet in June and other meets. Coach Ball produces the cross country rankings in the Syracuse newspapers and he does a great job!

West Genesee West Genesee losses the excellent runner Morgan Doherty to graduation, but they return the equally excellent Shannon Morris. Shannon is a perennial top runner in both track and cross country. Coach Jim Vermeulen is another outstanding Class A coach ... he reviews the West Genesee team at his own website ... please go there for more information because he knows a lot more about West Genesee than I do. With some help from last year's modified team, West Genesee can become a top contender for Class A honors.
Proctor Proctor losses Najtu Okanovic and Christina Roth to graduation. Freshman Kayla Sergio and 8th grader Andrea Okanovic return ... maybe one of these young ladies will be the big surprise??
Oswego Oswego returns their top six runners from last year's sectionals (Kristin Wallace, Sally Holthouse, Alecia Oleyourryk, Caitlin Oberst, Amanda Russell, and Rebecca Martel). Just a hunch ... I think Oswego will improve a lot this year ... they have outstanding coaching and athletes ... this could be a surprise team.
Central Square Central Square returns two excellent sophomore runners (Amanda Lalley and Sara Kerns) ... either one could be this year's big surprise.
Baldwinsville Baldwinsville is returning their top seven runners from last year's sectional race. Junior Kelly Owens is one of the best Class A runners.

Through his tenure at Baldwinsville, Coach Jim Goulet has been one of the great Section 3 coaches. He's won many championships and developed many great runners ... he's been incredibly helpful to many coaches, athletes and fans ... it's only a matter of time before Baldwinsville returns to the top.


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